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Utorrent easy install


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ipfilter,unistall,skin,icons,auto install 141 beta 25

dowload spanish version

dowload english version

dowload german version

En proximas versiones incluire un gestor de skins y un tutorial de ayuda

un saludo lee

utorrent auto instalable con todo incluido mas facil ademas en nuevas versiones se incluira un auto update para actualizar el ip filte y oras cosillas ok..

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One of the reasons I use Utorrent is because there is no crappy install program for it. Its just a .exe I download and run, no setting startmenu shortcuts, no desktop short cuts, just short and sweet. Adding an install is only over complicating something so simple. I wish people would realize not every piece of software needs an installer...

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Why don't keep a separated download with a installer included?

A Installerversion for newbies and Plain exe for the hardcore's.

Just for the no-betas, then it wouldn't have to be repacked so often.

Wouldn't be much extra work if you use the NSISinstaller (which is free).

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DWK: I respect what you are saying, and I'm aware of how much you keep supporting people on the forums ( I really am). Actually, I think that based on your record, you can be an example as to how to support people and not disrespect them.

But regarding what you have said - is it that hard to hold ourselves, and refrain from using curses and calling names?

I totally understand that there's a limit to the patience that you have been showing thus far, but still, I think we should not give up on politeness.

I might be too sensitive, but that's just how I feel.

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Because the nice thing about µTorrent is no install. If there's 3 or 4 braindead users that can't figure it out, they're probably too braindead to torrent either.

Yea µTorrent is supposed to be simple to use but I was thinking simple to use for the advanced user (oxymoron?).

Gives the client some sort of meaning knowing that a more select group of individuals use it, rather than having the same client your dimwit-just-got-onto-torrents-cause-theres-alotta-porn neighbour.

The no-install goes along with that. You make that damn shortcut! You change it and customize it. You make it your own. That's why µTorrent just feels better than those 'others'.

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