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Add Smart Bandwidth Allocation


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It would be nice to see a smart bandwidth allocation feature.

This feature would create a greater amount of download efficiency by achieving the following:

-Torrents with a higher priority will be given greater or even unlimited bandwidth allocation, depending on global settings.

-The bandwidth for lower priority torrents will automatically adjust so they do not slow the download speed of higher priority torrents.

-A lower priority torrent will be queued if the allotted global bandwidth is already in use by higher priority torrents.

This will effectively decrease overall download times by allowing a top priority torrent to use as much of the available bandwidth as possible. Any remaining bandwidth will be automatically allocated to the torrent with subsequent priority.

This will prevent torrents with only a few seeds from log jamming the queue and the need for a large queue setting which may cause slow download speeds for all active torrents.

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Thank you, this is exactly what I would like to request.

Take my example: I have ten active torrents, three of which have very few seeders/peers. Their download speeds sit on zero most of the time, 1 or 2kBps occasionally and, every now and then, they shoot up to 50kBps+ as a better seeder/peer is found, before dropping back down again after a few minutes. These spikes happen at random and only a few times a day.

When a rare torrent is sitting in the 1kBps range I want my faster torrents to take up the remaining bandwidth. The moment a rare torrent spikes up i want all my other torrents to hand over bandwidth to that torrent for as long as it needs it.

Setting the download speeds of all the other torrents to a low value is not ideal for reasons as stated: most of the time the rare torrents are not demanding bandwidth, so the faster torrents would then be pointlessly stuck at 5kBps meaning that very little of my bandwidth is being used.

A feature that forces torrents to 'hand over' bandwidth to prioritized torrents would mean rare torrents get downloaded faster, which would be great for the community as it would speed up getting rare torrents completed and fully seeded.

(Please note: this is NOT a request to be able to prioritize FILES or FIRST PIECES of files. That is something completely different, which damages, rather than enhances, the community.)

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Set rare torrents to HIGH priority and higher upload slots than others.

Maybe even set a really busy+common torrent to only 1 upload slot.

So long as the rare torrent's peers can download quickly from you, they will generally take the majority of your upload speed.

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and how will uT determine what is the AVAILABLE bandwidth ? currently there is no setting for your connection bandwidth. Beside the existing "priority" and "bandwidth allocation " Setting of individual torrent speed limit can help too (though, it's not dynamic as you have suggested ).

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