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having trouble uploading private tracker


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ive searched and searched and cant seem to figure this out

Im trying to use utorrent to send a friend a large file via a private tracker

I made the torrent correct and am getting a green up arrow but when my friend opens the torrent file it never connects to my pc

my private torrents seemed to work fine about a month ago..but now they stopped working and i cant upload anything through private trackers. My IP and port number are correct and i have it announced. I have no firewall or router up so that isnt the problem. Im using 1.8.5

also my public downloading and uploading work fine

any ideas?

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i dont see anything unusual about the torrent but where do i go to check that

also in the log file it says "tracker reports an invalid external ip"

im on a static ip and ive checked, double checked and triple checked to see if both my ip, the torrents tracker and utorrents hostname ip reporting to embedded tracker are all the same which they are

i cant think of a single thing wrong

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