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[HELP] Guys i need help please...


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Recently i have been downloading from Utorrent (the latest version) and recently have been having this one problem which is the file wont go 100% completely downloaded.

I found out this problem recently...

Everytime i start a download and waited until it said 100% Completed and Seeding, i go directly to the file location and copy the file to finally use it. But everytime i try it, problems always occurs, like for example in Installers that it wont finish, saying that the required files are missing or corrupt.

Until i found out that the file actually isn't 100% completed, simply by stopping the torrent and running a "force re-check" on the torrent download, and at the end of the checking, there goes the problem is says 98.9% complete. Meaning that it really isn't complete the first place around.

So i do it again, start the torrent and again upon completion of 100%, i use the file still won't budge.

Then i do another force re-check, and then boom another figure saying 92.8% (something like that)

Then i do it all over again, and again, and again, and again. i swear i have 4 files in Utorrent right now that have that very problem, and its getting me annoyed.

I Tried Everything like repeating the download from scratch and all, adding trackers, and everything clearing peers, reseting bans, (those are the only options i knew, i am not a torrent guru)

So i went here with you guys. Hoping to finally get a final solution on that Problem.

Thank You Very Much in Advance!



My Computer where i download meets every requirements that Utorrent needs to properly run and lots of empty Hard Drive Space...

And also i have set my Anti Virus to ignore every options for Utorrent Like Scanning of File Types and Placing the Download location in the Exceptions (i am using AVG)

Thank You!!!

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what do you mean moogly?

CRC Cyclic Redunduncy ...., sorry thats the only crc i know im really a torrent no brainer just here to use it.

Utorrent will say that my file is already 100% complete wherein its only seeding...

but then after i use the file, parts are missing or corrupt

then i do a force re-check, then later finding out its actually not 100% completely downloading, seeing the blue bar with missing links in it.

i do it over and over again... but the same problem

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I dont think ive seen the same pattern twice.

and i think its totally random, like for the first time its at the start of the blue bar, then at the end, and or the middle...

sometimes it could really be tiny missing links, to like 0.3mm missing links.

i hope that that helps

thanks dread

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More than likely it's hdd damage, bad hdd controller drivers, or bad cables.

"Random" tiny damage sounds like it could also be a glitch...a very short-term problem that occurred while scanning the files. Something pulling very high cpu? Lots of hardware interrupts?

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ahhhh ok...

will try to relocate the download locations into another hard drive...

thanks guys will let you know if it works.!



another post! (i cant understand why i cant reply after my last post)


Guys, i have tried to relocate the file and download it in another hard drive.

But still im getting the same problem.

There is a probabilitiy that both the hard drives already have the same problem, or in short 'broken' based on the explanation you guys just told me that it is the hard drive problem.

but what if its not the hard drive?? Can you guys think or remember any other fix or solution to my problem?

Please, i currently have 2 downloads, hanging in my utorrent client, 1 is 14gb and 7gb, and my problem has been repeating for almost two weeks now.

Thank You in Advance.

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