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1.8.5 Torrent always missing ONE piece


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Hi all,

I'm having trouble getting perfect completion on one of my torrents. uTorrent reports the files have downloaded 100%, but the second file's first piece is always missing if I do a force recheck.

Once the recheck is done, I'll start the torrent again and the piece would be downloaded successfully... but upon a force recheck again, the uTorrent reports the first piece is missing.

I do have the first file in the torrent set to skipped, could this be an issue?


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Yes, same piece over and over again - It's an AVI file.

The file list looks like:

File1.sub (Skipped)

File2.avi (this one is missing a small slice at the beginning)


File4.avi ...

I've set to download the .sub file ... going to see if this fixes the issue.

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Thanks DWK for the explanation.

Is the file truly corrupt - or is it that the hash algorithm cannot handle these cross-file pieces? From searching on the forums it seems the file IS downloaded, just the force recheck doesn't take into account the cross-file pieces correct?

Thanks again :)

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