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Periodic Speed drop


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Hi fellow uTorrenters,

I just discovered a strange behavior in my uTorrent client (2.0.17875).

As always, an image says more than a thousand words:


These drops occur at an interval of exactly one minute and affect both UL and DL. There is however no noticeable change in connected peers.

Drops occur on both capped and uncapped UL speeds (max. around 1100 kB/sec.)

I think this might have something to do with either my OS (MS "crappy" Vista) or uTorrents way of doing... something.

I have already tried various things to bring my bandwith to full use (Fiberglass 50 MBit-Internet with supposedly 3 MBit Upstream), tinkering with the RWIN and MTU, but so far, nothing helped.

If you need additional info to help, I'll gladly provide it.



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There are some flawed DL/UL behaviors in a majority of BitTorrent clients that can cause that.

They could be pipeline stalling due to disk overloads, lost packets, software errors, and bad design.

Usually, having "enough" peers and seeds connected at once smooths out the peaks and valleys.

Your picture suggests you're running without proper uTorrent settings (such as upload speed limits), also that you've got possibly 10 megabit/second upload bandwidth.

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i have the exact same problem.

i have monitored my OS (Vista) and data sent (outgoing and incoming IP packets) - and have seen nothing with this periodicity. so this is still a puzzle to me.

by the way, this is an exact period of 60.0 seconds - too exact to be anything else but a Time-Based event.

it does not change with d/l speed as well- so it is probably not disk related

any ideas?

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