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Torrent Files Aren't Deleting After Download


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I've never had this problem in the past and I could use some help. I'm running Win7 Ultimate µTorrent 1.8.5 (build 17414). When I finish downloading a torrent usually the torrent file deletes automatically. I go to Options->Preferences->Directories and at the bottom there's "Delete loaded .torrents" I have it checked however the torrent files still remain. What am I doing wrong?

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No need to be a dick about it. Obviously the program did it before, apparently I have the wrong setting. I guess I was asking the wrong question. Le me rephrase:

Does anyone know how to correctly configure µTorrent so that after a file is finished downloading the torrent file is automatically deleted?

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For anyone else reading this what our happy helper meant with his shorthand was:

Go to Options->Preferences->Advanced. Find the listing "gui.default_del_action" change the value from "0" to "1".

In fact you can change the value from 0 all the way to 3 with the corresponding results:

0 means "Remove" (remove the torrent job from the list, but all related files are left intact on the disk)

1 means "Remove and delete .torrent" (remove the selected torrent job(s) from the list and the corresponding torrent file(s) from where the storage location on disk)

2 means "Remove and delete Data" (remove the torrent selected job(s) from the list and all content downloaded from the torrent job(s))

3 means "Remove and delete .torrent + Data" (remove the selected torrent job(s) from the list, the corresponding torrent file(s) from the storage location on disk, and all content downloaded from the torrent job(s))


p.s. re: DreadWingKnight

I did try and Google the question before I posted. I also tried searching the manual, however my question was so specific without going line by line through it's entirety I was unable to find my answer. Support forums were created for people with just such questions to have access to power users with a specialized knowledge of the application who supposed wanted to help.

I see you've been on board since 05' and maybe back then you were some altruistic fellow who wanted to do something good. However now your a jaded shell of that ideal. You're obviously not a moderator, so if you hate helping people so much and your knowledge has become such a burden then maybe it's time to move on to something new.

just my two cents..

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In order for it to be removed, once the file is finished download, in µTorrent click the file so it's highlighted, then at the top there's a red X. Click that and it will not only remove it from the list in µTorrent but it will get rid of the torrent. You'll still have whatever file you downloaded. Hope that helps.

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If you'd care to read more carefully you'd see his response was:


It's in the manual."

Hence I was not responding to his signature, I was responding to his comment. Why is it that on my post the only people being petty and trying to rub peoples face in it is a super user and a mod? It's a real shame too because µTorrent is a really great piece of software and it deserves better representation. I'd complain to someone but looks like the only people I can contact are other mods and I'm guessing your all in bed with each other, so a lot of good that would do.

To others who find this post looking for assistance, I apologize but I'm going to have to unsubscribe from this thread as all it seems to be doing is upsetting me. Grow up.

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I concur that uTorrent is indeed a fine program, useful as it can be and the best of the torrent clients I have tried. However, as a casual user, and having paged through the manual, I find a couple of issues which are not resolved, so I ask the forum in the hope that someone else who may have had the problem might have run across a solution. However, about all I have seen is either some snotty remark such as "RTFM" or some variant on that theme, or apparently helpful individuals who ask questions in a seeming effort to help resolve the issue. So I answer the questions to the best of my ability. Then the thread lies dead.

I was in hope that this forum would be useful, such as forums like annoyances.org. Even in that august group, mods and members alike try very hard to assist, usually to good end. This forum appears to cater to advanced very knowledgeable users, and insulting or ignoring those not as familiar with the program. My hat is off to the author(s) of the program, and thanks to those who did appear to want to help. To the others, well, have a nice day.

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I refer a LOT of people to my links because without more information I usually cannot make educated guesses what the problem/s are.

To be honest, there's a lot of expert-level problems going on that nobody (even the devs) have an answer for. Often when we get more information...it's some obscure software conflict or windows just being rotten. :P ...And other times it's uTorrent bugs. HijackThis and Process Explorer logs aren't always enough to tell those apart either. :(

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That didn't work :-(... Well, I'm not surprised actually cause there shouldn't be a difference between me pressing the delete key (which is what I do) or pressing the red X to delete. Its weird because I feel like it used to when I was on Vista. I recently switched to 7 (64bit), but that can't be the reason. It shocks me though that the client doesn't have an option for this. By the way, when I set the gui.default_del_action to 1, it actually put it as "*1" without the quotes. Is that right?

I don't know why I'm bothering writing this though haha, you're the only one whos been helpful and now you've unsubscribed, thanks guys for spoiling this.

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I think I have the same problem as giyad, although I never even attempted to make removing the .torrent the default action. I think it should still work the same as r-click>remove and...>remove .torrent, right? My guess would be this having something to do with Windows 7's file ownership or similar - I never had this problem with XP, but always in Win7.

Does running µTorrent in admin mode help with this? I wonder if it even is possible to run in admin mode at startup or not... EDIT: Running in admin mode still has the same problems.

Actually doing some testing here at the same time with some really small torrents. A question that comes to mind now, is: when I open a .torrent file, does µTorrent make some kind of copy of that file somewhere, which it then uses to run the torrent, or does the program use the exact file that I opened? This, because it seems the removing of the finished .torrent only works for me, when the .torrent file is copied to another location after finishing the download. Note, copied, not moved - selecting the option to move finished .torrents seems to do exactly nothing. Also, if the .torrents are neither copied nor moved anywhere, the "remove .torrent" does not work. Also, if you copy the .torrents that have been finished, and then remove them, you accomplish nothing, since you're still left with the original .torrent files, which you have to delete manually.

EDIT: Yeah, well... I did a bit more testing, and it seems the "move finished .torrent files to...." in the folder options actually does not move the files I open, but copies them instead. Maybe this is why I'm left with so many .torrents that should have been deleted?

I would really like to get this to work. I hope this was of some help.



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I got your email. I understand what it feels like to be stuck without an answer, so as much as I didn't want to reopen this can of worms, if I can get it working on my system then it should work for you as well.

I'm running the newest µTorrent ver 2.0 (build 17920) on Windows 7 Ultimate x86 (32-Bit)

This is what I changed to get it working for me...

1) Go to Options->Preferences->Directories have all the boxes checked except "Append the torrent's label" leave that one unchecked.

2) In the same panel change every field to reflect the same directory for everything so they all should read the same, i.e. "C:\Users\setotitan\Downloads"

3) Then go to Advanced and down to the "gui.default_del_action" and set it to: 1 it will show: *1 under the value column.

Close µTorrent and reopen it.

To be clear my account is an administrator account, however when I open µTorrent I'm not right clicking and choosing "Run As Administrator". Now when a torrent finishes downloading you have the file you downloaded and the torrent file remaining in whatever folder you downloaded it to. With the above settings, go to the µTorrent client, when you select a torrent and click the red X icon from the tool bar the torrent should be removed from the µTorrent window, and when you go back to your download folder you should still have the file you downloaded but the torrent file should be gone as well. This is what I think you guys are looking for, as I was.

However if you're looking to remove the torrent listing in µTorrent, the file you just downloaded, as well as the torrent file there is no one click motion for that. You'd have to select the torrent in µTorrent, right click it choose "Remove And" then arrow over to "Delete .torrent + Data".

I've done my best to include every detail I could in the operation, so if you still can't get it to work for you please do your best to give me every detail as well. Also to comment on something you were previously talking about, I think µTorrent does behave differently in Windows 7 than it does in XP. Aside from torrent management, I found µTorrent just eating up all my system resources, to the point where when I was downloading a torrent I couldn't use the rest of my computer. I don't know if it's coincidence but at the very of the bottom of the µTorrent interface I disabled "DHT" and that helped. Not sure if you'd even benefit from that information, but I thought I'd mention it. I'm resubscribing to this thread so let me know how it goes matomena and giyad.

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welcome back setotitan :-)

Well I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64bit, so I'm hoping the problem isn't that. I also upgraded to uTorrent 2.0 (build 17920) last night.

The upgrade didn't solve anything for me, I have the "1" for gui.default_del_action. I tried to download a torrent, then when it was completed, I deleted it from the list using the red "X" (using the red "x" as opposed to the delete key on my keyboard shouldn't make a difference, and it doesn't so far).

However, the other method you gave me of going to directories and checking all those boxes sort of worked. It worked because the torrent was now being stored in the Downloads folder and when it was done, it deletes (I think because of the "Delete loaded .torrents" box). But, this doesn't change anything because the temp file is still stored in the temp directory. Before, I only had the temp file, but now I have the temp file and a new .torrent being stored in my downloads folder. I ended up removing all the checkboxes from the Directories preference.

So the only way I've gotten all this to work is to right click the file from the list, Remove And> Delete .torrent, which is not convenient.

With regards to the system resources, I haven't had that experience at all. I do have 8gb of RAM on a 64 bit architecture, so that definitely helps, but the only thing that slows down for me is surfing the web (thats because my airport extreme doesn't have QoS). Although, since you mentioned it I thought I'd monitor and since I opened up uTorrent 2 minutes ago it has gone from 5M up to 22.4M and hasn't stopped increasing! Actually, nevermind, it just started decreasing now and hovers between 15-25M...

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Great to see you back, but for me it still isn't working. I'm also using the 17920 build of 2.0.

For me, after the torrent finishes, µTorrent either just makes a new .torrent (if I have the "Move completed .torrent files to..." ticked), which is then deleted, or it deletes nothing when it should delete the original .torrent. If the .torrent that I originally used to start the download is in the directory where the finished .torrents are to be moved, µTorrent just makes a new one with a slightly different name (e.g. Music.by.a.great.band.rar.torrent becomes Music.by.a.great.band.torrent).

It seems as if µTorrent loses all contact with the original .torrent file that I used to start the download. Well, I guess I'll just have to stick to manually deleting the original files.

On another note, for me µTorrent seems to be using about 37M of memory, but there is virtually no CPU usage. I'm running 32bit Win7 Ultimate with 2G RAM, and I don't see anything slowing down because of µTorrent. I have DHT enabled. (4 and a half days uptime, some 15GB downloaded, 11GB upped, if that bears any great meaning.)



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