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First I have to say that I really love the new features in 0.9.3.

But I don't understand why they changed the design. 0.9.2 looked much much better.

1. The icons in the left bar. (all, downloading, completed, active and inactive)

2. The progress bar for downloads. The green thing was much nicer.

3. The tabs looked much nicer.

Overall the program looks much more like a windows application. Which really isn't good. The grey with green look was better.

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I registered just to support you in this topic. I stopped using µTorrent on my mac once I saw the horrible decisions you made in the 0.9.3 alpha. The user interface is horrible, feels completely like a windows application with the new non-native look on the tabs, and bad new icons. And guess what… most mac users don't like windows' look&feel (what a shocker, right?!).

Being able to use my favorite windows torrent client on my mac was great. But that doesn't mean that I'll use it no matter how hard you fuck up the UI.

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