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Please help me, I cannot seed!


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Hi Folks!

After years, I decided to publish my first torrent. I have read around quite much, I promise!

If anyone needs to test, here is the link (if that's okay):


I even have some interested Peers already! Yes!

My problem: Under "Seeds" it says: 0 (1)

The Peers get no upload at all! I have no other torrents running...

Why do I not really seed???

No, I have no firewall issues!

Thanks SO much, I have been looking four hours and dayd, really!


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Max active torrents: 6

Max active DL: 5

Flagged: Seeds have higher prioritiy...

Limit upload-rate: no


- max: 70 KB

- alternative: 70 KB

Global limit: 0

max peers: 100

uploadslots: 10

use additional slots: yes!

scheduler: is not used

Now I see:

Seeds: 0 (1)

Peers: 0 (11)

I cannot believe this is normal! Sorry, but this is frustrating! I want to share a really cool torrent, people ask and cannot get anything.

Does is have to be so fricking hard...?

Thanks a bunch!

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Dear Mr. Arrogance,

Thanks for trying to help me. When I saw some offensive posts, I found some people were really rude and inappropriate to you. But now I can understand them.

It was never the connection or your FAQs...

Here is the solution:

The files of the torrent have to be in the regular download folder in utorrent. Then they are treated like a regular torrent which is seeded. You only have to make uTorrent believe that it is a "normal" torrent which is already finished.

While creating a torrent with utorrent there is no hint: Careful: The underlying files to your torrent have to be inside the proper directory. This is because you expect people to know everything you do, otherwise you treat them like idiots not capable of reading.

Thanks anyway for your time and triying.

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Please follow either uTorrent's Speed Guide CTRL+G or my settings guide (2nd link in my signature).

Using settings far away from those recommended values will almost certainly be unfair to others and quite likely will severely reduce your own uploading and downloading.

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