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Not acknowledging downloaded content


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So I've been downloading a rather large torrent, and my download file is on an external hard drive. My husband borrowed my hard drive and forgot to plug it back in, so when I got home and checked the torrent, I saw errors and didn't know why. I started clicking around "update taker", "force start", "recheck", "force recheck" and then my husband finally tells me it's not working because it the hard drive isn't connected. Now it's connected again, but it's still not seeing the content it has already downloaded. It says up on top it has downloaded X amount, but the progress bar reads 0% and the individual files are all at 0%. "Force Recheck", "Update Tracker" and Advanced>"Set download location" are all grayed out and not selectable. Can anyone tell me how to get it to see what has already been downloaded? Or do I just have to start all over? HUGE torrent, so would really rather not do that if there's another way.

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