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Utorrent causing wireless connection to malfunction


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Hi all, i'm an advanced user and have been using utorrent for many years.

Recently i have been having problems relating to utorrent. These aren't linked to any other change on my system that i can think or know of.

Dual core AMD PC with 2 GB of DDR running windows 7 RC, using a linksys wireless N USB adapter and Netgear router, all has been running fine in this software and hardware spec for approx 8 months(bar windows updates & utorrent updates)

My computer runs fine as normal with utorrent closed(not minimised, totally closed) and i can use the internet and download using firefox for ftp and stuff, downloading large files via rapidshare and such like.

If i start utorrent, within a short period of time(sometimes 5 mins, sometimes an hour) my wireless connection will show as partly connected, no IP address, if i click repair connection it can't repair the connection and says reset router, which makes no difference as it's the PC end that's a problem. Usually connection problems can be resolved by disabling and enabling the wireless card in device manager but if i click disable it will just pause, not disable it and do nothing for an infinite amount of time, it doesn't freeze it just doesn't execute the command. If i unplug the card it makes no difference. If i try and show down/restart the computer it will go into shut down mode but will stall on the shutdown screen with the round icon rotating permanently and even after 10 mins it won't shut down so i have to force it to shut down. When restarting the wireless reconnects perfectly(if i didn't try to disable it in device manager) or if i went into device manager to attempt to disable before shutdown, it would now need enabling. Usually when this happens utorrent won't close regardless of how many times i click end process in task manager and it just freezes. Sometimes i can close utorrent as normal but the problem still remains with the network connection.

Since the problem appeared about a week ago, i have upgraded utorrent to the newest version and it has made no difference. The PC works fine for absolutely everything else that i do apart from utorrent which messes with the wireless needing a whole computer shutdown(forced) and restart.

Any help or advice is greatly received, i'm a little lost, to the point of considering using different software and uninstalling utorrent.

Hopefully someone knows what the problem is.



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I am having the same issue, although slightly different. I am running a Dell D600 laptop with an old Intel single core processor and Intel wireless chipset. uTorrent runs fine 90% of the tome, with some dropouts. I can look at the speed graphs and see when the connection drops, but it comes right back in 1-5 minutes.

My problem also consists of connectivity to the router after a uTorrent session, and getting bandwidth when it is connected. Last night I got home from work at around 1am. My wife goes to bed about 10:30, so uTorrent had been on for 2 1/2 hours. I turned it off because I wanted to check something online, and while the router was connected, I couldn't get anything on Firefox, Opera, or IE. Turned uTorrent back on, and it hopped right back up to top speed in no time.

Before I reinstalled the wireless drivers, it was actually dropping the connection to the router. It actually wouldn't see my router, even when my iPod Touch would, and I could boot over to Linux Mint and connect there, then boot back and still not see the router. A reset of the router when Windows is up sometimes would solve the problem, but it was hit or miss. I did see the router a couple times, and it said "On Demand" but it wouldn't connect, even manually.

This kind of stuff has happened with my old Linksys wireless, and the new Belkin Wireless G router I bought recently. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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