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Win7 64 bit crashes


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Hi, since 2 days my laptop crashes when i am using utorrent. I get a blue screen and it restarts by itself within 15 minutes. When i don't use utorrent everything is oke, no crashes whatsoever i can use the laptop for as long as i want. I figured out that utorrent was the intial problem by closing down programs 1 at a time after a crash. I don't know if utorrent is the cause, but it sure has something to do with it.

I have Win7 home 64 bit on an HP laptop(i7 quadcore, 4 gb mem). I run a wireless 300N connexion.

My drivers are all up to date (for as far as possible with win7.

On my old XP laptop i never had that problem with utorrent.

Anyone have any ideas. I read somewhere else that other users have same issues.

Thnx in advance for your time and advise.

Grts, Patrick.

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