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Bittorront LAN speed


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I managed to achieve 3 MB/s using utorrent , can i reach higher speeds?

I'm using WTR54G2 linksys router , transfering files for backup to another PC wirelessly , i can try wired but i feel i'm not utilizing my wireless connection anyways.

If someone can help with more specific options to speed up the transfer , it would be appretiated.

Current settings

Advance bt.enable tracker = true on one PC

I enabled local peer discovery on both PCs

I'm not sure how port forwarding should be set up for both computers , but both are using same port number for incoming connections and my torrent file tracker is http://mylocalip:port/announce

I have bad exp. with transfering files over windows sharing :) so trying this method


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Wireless is your big limiter. The absolute best you can hope for in your setup is about 5mbyte/sec because of the limits of 802.11G wireless.

If all of your communication is happening internally, then port forwarding isn't necessary. Put both the WAN and LAN IP addresses of your router in your ipfilter to make sure that connections don't get routed messily through it.

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