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I need help . Please Respond


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Hello to everyone ,

I have a big problem with my uTorrent client , the speed works as it should .. but when i download or seed the speed goes to 5 mbps (it stays like that for 5-6 seconds) and then drops to like 35 -40 kbps (it stays like that for 20-30 seconds) and goes up again . While this is happening i can't browse anything on the web .. and i'm using Skype (if i'm in a conference the call drops and can't call my friends for 50 seconds .. basicly i have to disconnect from my internet connection and connect again WICH IS VERY ANNOYING )

Now .. I'm using XP SP2 atm .. had the same problem on XP SP 3 , i have tried nod32 thing you guys have posted here : http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34527

I have no firewall activated , I have no malware on my PC , i tried like 5 older versions of uTorrent so far and no better results .

I had this issue like 1 year ago and i did something but i didnt realize what that was back then .. had the same OS as now ..

Here you have a screenshot of HDD Statistics : http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/6994/26875249.jpg

Please if you have a solution for this share it with me . Thank you

ANYONE AT ALL !!?!??!?!?

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