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Watch / Auto-load directories


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Hello, thanks for a great application.

Im really a linux user but I still keep my windows server SOLELY for uTorrent since its still better than rtorrent imo. :D

When I use the term "watch directory" I mean a directory like "Options - Preference - Directories - Automatically load...."

I apologize if this request has been answered, (before I posted this request I did a search for "watch" in the request forum and read all hits without finding anything similar). :(


Multiple watch directories with individual settings for storing and starting.


Automatically start or not (bonus)

Ratio (bonus)

Script / Program (bonus)

Best reasons:

More sharing of downloaded torrents since they end up at the final destination.

A lot of saved time (at least for me).


I use D:\Temp.Torrents\download\ as watch directory. I would like to change this to

D:\Temp.Torrents\HD AND D:\Temp.Torrents\XXX so when i drop .torrents in D:\Temp.Torrents\HD these torrents are saved to J:\HD and NOT started automatically and when i drop .torrents in D:\Temp.Torrents\XXX these are saved to K:\XXX\download and automatically started. I want to share the torrents in XXX to a ratio of 5 but the torrents downloaded to HD should seed indefinitely. I would also like to add different labels depending on directory. You might even want a special script/program executed depending on directory.

Background / reason:

I prefer not to surf torrents on my server (its in a closet and I have to surf via remote desktop). This leads me to the watch directory accessible via ftp or local sharing. Its a great feature but it could be improved.

I use a default download directory for all torrents but since this fills up pretty often it really is a temporary storing point.

I have several physical hard drives each dedicated to a special type of content (in the case of HD one disk is dedicated to torrents from a single site).

Some torrent sites are very hard to build ratio on and some torrent sites share their content unpacked. These are the best examples where you want to be able to save the files at their "final" destinations and keep seeding. Another reason could be that you download loads of pr0n and want that moved to another disk immediately so it doesnt fill up your regular download location. It would also be very nice to have these labeled with for example xxx.

The option to start or not start the torrents is really a bonus. Sometimes after a vacation or similar you might have 200 torrents and might not want to start them all at once.

The option to set individual ratios is also a bonus so is the possibility to run different scripts depending on what content you have downloaded.

Suggestion of graphical implementation:

"Options - Preference - Directories - Automatically load...."

Add a "+" button to add more watch directories.

Temporary solution (what I do now):

At the moment I automatically start the .torrents added to the watch directory. These torrents are downloaded to the default directory unpacked manually (I could script this) and then moved or moved and then unpacked (since Im lazy these are rarely seeded after the unpack/moving which is a shame but Im probably not the only lazy person out there).

The .torrents that I want to move to another disk and share indefinitely are manually added to uTorrent with the add dialog popup on where to store these (requries me to change path which takes time).

Thanks again for a great application and for your time! :)


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