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build 426 corrupting data.


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I've downloaded 3 avi vidoes ~20-40min from 3 different sites and each one of them have had skipping. This seems to be a problem with the latest beta build 426. Probably got something todo with

- Change: Optimized disk-io

[Note] I've tryed different media players including MSMP10 and VLC, I've been able to fix them using a avi fix app without any missing or corrupted frames.

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I can confirm that something BAD is happening

I had 425 and everything was wonderfull, closed it, waited few seconds , overwritten 425 with 427 (I know I'm stupid :/), run utorrent and:

- two torrents were missing, one seeding and one downloading, downloaded one was on another disk

I added the one I was seeding and its ok, but the other one gone bad :( When I ask utorrent to recheck it goes "Error: Blad danych (CRC)." at ~43%. Weird that the error is in Polish (my XP install language) while I keep uTorrent in English. Anyway Where can I download 425? 427 seems broken :(

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Something is whack here.

I am testing 427 and with downloaded torrents, some files are moved to the FINISHED folder even though they are not shown as finished in the dialog, some downloaded files are just not there, and some torrent files don't get moved when something is completed, while others just disappear.


I'll test more tomorrow.

I can confirm before I go to bed, that 4 of the files downloaded with 427 on one machine - all tv episodes - were corrupted, while those same 4 files downloaded with 380, there was no corruption or problems.


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doesn't PE need to be enabled in both clients for it to do anything? I don't know too much about it, but that's what I thought. Hence why I mentioned I disabled PE.

Is there any word on Az devs fixing this? It does become really annoying really quickly.

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