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Seeding Question & uTorrent


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Question about seeding. I always seed as much as I download. Towards end of my billing period, I have say about 4gig to download something. I would like not exceed my d/load limit otherwise I get shaped. More then often when I downoload, automatically someone is uploading at the same time. On these occassion, how can I set uTorrent up not to allow uploads?

Apologies if I should not put this reply in this thread.


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Uploading is mandatory by the BitTorrent protocol.

However you can restrict how fast you upload AND restrict how many people you upload to at once so the few that do get something from you aren't getting it at <1 KB/sec.

If you have a bandwidth limit per month, it is a very good idea to restrict upload speed limit considerably below your upload max...otherwise your ISP could be counting even failed upload packets against your monthly limit.

You will probably be better off with fewer global and per-torrent connections as well...you'll be uploading to the peers connected to you more often so they should likewise return the favor more often. 2nd link in my signature for example settings based on limited upload max.

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