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Can we do anything about this?


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The red arrow is indicating that one (or more) of the trackers is bad/offline. It doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong with the torrent (unless you are downloading from a private tracker). However, if you want to remove it, you can do so by selecting the specific torrent, going to the trackers tab below, and then right clicking whichever tracker is showing as offline or bad. The option to remove that tracker is listed. If you have other sources (DHT), then the torrent should proceed as usual.

The speed settings are under preferences (Ctrl-P) and then Bandwidth. Usually unlimited for download on a home connection. However, you should set the limits based on your connection...which at this point looks like dial-up?

The seedr image you sent looks like your private tracker requesting your network speeds. Currently, those setting look incorrect...too high for how quick your network is behaving. If we knew the speeds of your ISP connection (DSL, Cable Modem, Wireless..) we might be better able to tell you what the speeds should be.

The connection image you sent us is only in regards to your local (LAN) connection, not your Internet connection. If you do not know what those speeds are, or do not have access to the gateway, then prehaps torrent is not for you?

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