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Big Torrents (60gb+) cause total hang with 1.8.6. and Beta on Win7 x64


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I have the strangest problem since i moved to Win7 x64. Whenever i load a really big torrent, utorrent freezes my whole machine. No other program has managed to do that. The machine needs a hard reset to reboot :S


Windows firewall, no other firewall active.

Avira free antivirus.

Draytek 2820 router.

Compatibility mode: XP SP3

Run as Administrator: Tried both Yes and No (this is actualy due to another bug where Utorrent seem to lose access to my NAS without administrator rights, but that aside.)

What i've found out so far:

* The Beta and 1.8.6. both have this problem.

* It's not the caching options (since i tried disabling that and still crashed.)

* Its not the HD, coz i suspected a failing HD first, and have tried several.

I've had this problem with different torrents from different trackers. The only thing common about the torrents causing my pc to freeze are the fact that they are larger than 60gb+ in download size.

There was never any problem downloading smaller torrents.

I never had any problems, even with big files, with the same hardware, on XP x86.


Someone on IRC suggested i tried older versions of Utorrent, so i did.. and low and behold:

>>>>> v1.7.4 does NOT crash!!!! <<<<<<<

So i'm happy for now.. but i thought i'd let the dev team know about this..

Hope i did'nt forget to mention something, if so, just ask..



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Well, the person on irc that suggested old versions doesn't realise that you are now officially unsupported until you upgrade back. Additionally, downgrading is NOT troubleshooting.

Additionally, Screenshots of your disk cache settings in uT as well as your advanced settings showing the diskio section of the advanced settings list.

Also, 1.8.6 doesn't exist.

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