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Internet issues & out-of-the-blue DirectVobSub icons


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I'm having this weird problem since 2 days ago, after a Windows Update.

I'm using Win7x64.

Every time I open uTorrent, DirectVobSub icons appear in Notification Area. If I let uTorrent open their number increases.

Last night I left my PC open and uTorrent in background and today, at 11AM there were so many icons in the notification area that it covered all my desktop (1650/1080 res).

Another issue is that sometimes Yahoo Messenger stops working or it just signs out as if ther's not internet connection. Same thing goes for Opera browser.

I have to disable my connection and re-enable it to get back on-line.

When I try the ping cmd the Internet connection is just fine, including yahoo.com.

Another weird thing is that I do not remember of installing DirectVobSub and it does not appear in Programs and Features(add/remove in Win7)

All those things happen if I run Winamp + uTorrent simultaneously.

The update I installed was a security fix for IE x64. The problem is I can't find a list of IE updates so I don't know exactly what patch was it.

Here are some pics:


5 minutes later


Any ideas?

Never mind. I reinstalled uTorrent and it works just fine now.

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