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downloading lowers upload speed


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Hi guys,

Using the 2.0 build 17875, Download 1,6 MB/s, Upload 65-80 kB/s.

What I've already done that didn't help: Router reset by menu. Router hard reset by plugging. Installed the latest drivers for my onboard ethernet. Followed this guide: http://www.speedguide.net/read_articles.php?id=2574

Let's assume I have a single big torrent downloading and multiple torrents that are uploading. The upload capacity is nearly fully used, ~60 kB/s. Up to 200 kB/s download, everything is peachy. Then the further up it goes, the less I'm able to upload. When I finally reach 1,5 MB/s download, my upload hits the low mark of about 10-15 kB/s.

Just now, I throttled my settings as per the speed guide that someone had in his siggy, just to see if it'll make a difference. The biggest thing was that I had 500 active torrents and now I'm down to 10. Time will tell if that was the culprit, but it really has never given me trouble to have so many active torrents. There may be a kB or two more of constant activity because of it, but I've used uTorrent with up to 800 active torrents for over a year now and speeds were good.

I'm also not excluding that something got shot within the router. The old one had numbers that were a lot smaller. I understand only Loss of Signal and Loss of Frame are really bad news, the rest is more or less "meh". But I'm not an expert.


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I use alternate upload limit while not downloading (only seeding) -- I can set upload speed max a little higher there.

In theory, uTorrent v2.0's uTP peers/seeds should compensate for reduced upload speed by downloading quickly...but in practice it is probably more aggressive at reducing upload speed while downloading. :(

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