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Download Speeds are Suddenly at a Crawl!! Please Help!

Fluffy Panda

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I have a Dlink Dir-615 Router. It's new and was working fine on my downloads and then alluva sudden they fell to a crawl. Highest is around 30. when i have more than two open. i only have two right now and with AMPLE seeds I only get around 80. I used to be able to get, with no limit, around 200-300 EASILY.

I've tried numerous configurations to get it right. My status on my uTorrent is the green checkmark so I don't think it's a port problem (since the port that it's using says it's a-ok).

So I can't for the life of me figure it out. My ISP isn't listed on the ISP list in the one link. The rest of my internet is fine and goes quickly. I'm at a loss on what to do.

I don't know what other info you could need. So let me know what you need and I will find it.

If you can help me out, I'll greatly appreciate it! This is driving me crazy! lol.

EDIT: the one isn't even 80 anymore now it's down to around 30. Oh and I'm directly connected to the router. Dunno if this is useful info or not.

Oh Yah and also I am using Vista Home Premium. Upgrading to Windows 7 once my upgrade gets here. And I read tcpip.sys or w/e isn't needed to be patched in vista? or was i mistaken? and if i need to patch it i can get on the microsoft page or should i google it?

EDIT2: Wow... I didn't understand that upload speeds mess with your download speeds. I know you guys may think this is torrent 101, but i've gotten really high speeds with it really low before, so it never seemed totally relevant, but my speeds are back up after i changed it. silly me. a lot of the guides aren't all too noob friendly and never really say the correlation directly. XD thanks anyways~

please close and/or delete this.

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