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really low speed (tried all of the tutorials for increasing speed)


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as the title says: i am getting very low download speed even though seeds are 100+. I have tried everything: changing ports(all of them are forwarded), lowering max upload speed, increasing max upload speed, lowering my max download speed, changing variables in the advance tab... basically i tried everything that is in this forum, and in some others. and i still get very low speed, but sometimes it goes over to 150 kB/s, but that lasts 10 minutes and goes back down to 5 kB/s. I'm not sure if i my isp is blocking my downloads because every time i try to check it with Glasnost, after the loading of 599 seconds end's it just says that the page could not be loaded error, on all of my browsers(opera, mozilla, ie).

so if you could help me i would be very grateful :D

EDIT: btw i disabled the firewall and checked that my isp isn't blocking torrents, it's Croatian T-Com... bunch of bastards, and i still don't know how. is there any way beside Glasnost to check that?

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