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Extreme speed problems


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Hey everyone, I am new to uTorrent and have a few questions.

I know my broadband connection allows for about 3mbps in download speed. I am currently downloading a file in uTorrent that has 18 seeds and only 2 leechers so as far as I know that is good. The problem is my download speed is averaging at 9.8kbps!!!!!!!!!!!

It says this file is going to take over 6 days to complete!

There has to be something going on as almost everything I've tried to torrent has this problem. I know my ports are good and I followed some of the tips on


According to my ISP (Bell Canada), I am close to the server meaning my download speed should stay right around the 3mbps mark.

Is there anything I am missing, something I didn't "click" that will speed up my torrents.

Thanks in advance


Also my upload speed at the bottom is something like 0.3kbps


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