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Updated/New "Seed While" Feature


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Firstly I'd like to propose a change to the current "Seed while" feature. At the moment, you can seed while the ratio is below a certain value or you have been seeding for less than a certain amount of time. The ratio here is described as a percentage, whereas everywhere else it's stated as a floating point number, this should be changed to make the GUI more consistent.

OK, now for my feature request:

I'd like the ability to add additional an additional criterion to the "Seed while" feature. For instance, I want to seed if "availability" of the torrent is less than a certain amount. This would help to keep torrents seeding while their availability is low. I'm thinking in the style of iTunes and thunderbird when creating a smart playlist or smart searches respectively. You can add additional criterion and choose from a drop-down box "ratio", "availability", "seeding time" etc then another drop-down box with "less than", "more than", "equal", etc and then a box to enter a value. You would need a logical operator at the start of each criterion. You could end up with seeding criteria such as:

Seed while....

<ratio> is <less than> {1.5}

<OR> <availability> is <less than> {3}

<OR> <seeding time (min)> is <less than> {120}



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