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Mutliple connections from same IP address


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Does uTorrent allow Mutliple connections from same IP? i am asking about this because of my Port forwarding in Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)in WinXP- it works, but not totally.

My computer is behind another winXP from when connecting to the net using ICS. what happens is that remote connections are able to connect to my com but only one at a time. this means that in utorrent i can only have one remote connection at one time, nothing more. if i could make utorrent allow Mutliple connections from the same IP address the problem would be solved because the port forwarding doesnt work properly, it makes utorrent think that remote connections have the LAN IP address of my other com (

i have tested with BitTornado with Allow Mutliconnections from same IP option ON, and it works properly. if utorrent has a similar feature then please tell me how to enable it, cause i cant seem to find it anywhere. thanks!!

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