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DL speed inversely proportional to UL speed


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Has anyone else seen their download speed drastically reduce when they upload more?

The more I upload, the slower I download. All the time... Every time...

Sometimes, the DL speed drop is of more then 50% which is somewhat spectacular. Sometimes about 10%.

Whether I download 100 very poorly seeded torrents or a few very well seeded torrents.

You may want to visit this link to be able to zoom the image.

Pale blue lines are straights of approximate tendencies of speeds (both UL and DL).

Anyone has an idea? I am tired of having to rent a seedbox.


Duke Justice.


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Hello DreadWingKnight.

There are not speed guides that match exactly my connection type. But I've tried the 2 under my connection as well as the 2 above it. Edit: and some other settings of my own

I have tried with known very well seeded torrents (like OpenOffice) and the like (some linux Distros for examples).

Every time, the same results. For years now I have been using utorrent. See this image as a sensible proof since my last Windows re-install (thus utorrent too).


about since 7 or 8 months. Been a utorrent addict for 3 years now. Always the same problem since 2006.

Any pointers will help.


Duke Justice

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Proxy server may be to blame...

Terrible uTorrent settings also, so many peer/seed connections allowed and tiny upload speed!

Then you're splitting the upload between multiple torrents at once and 5 upload slots PER torrent. :(

Peers will mutiny on you, snub your connection, and refuse to upload to you if you upload so slowly to them.

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