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Hey Ya'll, I'm in Chongqing, China and here's the deal. I'm using the latest uTorrent client(non beta) on two different notebook setups in two different locations. same Comodo firewall, always updated and same configuration. Free VPN on both.

At home: Toshiba L310(2009)/ Windows Vista. CAT-5 broadband DSL.uTorrent connects and downloads okay, but download speed varies from a few kB(0.7 now) to 1.5 Mb. DHT: 0 nodes.

At work: My wife's Mitec(2003)notebook, slower processor, much less RAM. Wireless, probably T1 broadband. Higher downloads, of course, but DHT is always 90(+) nodes. Different providers and bandwidth, but I don't understand the 0 nodes. Is my home provider jerking me around, or what? Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks/

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