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Sharing from CD/DVD?


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I only have a few gigs of space free on my hard drive, so after I download stuff I have to burn it onto a data DVD, and then delete it from the hard drive.

I leave my machine running with utorrent all the time so other people can get stuff I already have.

After I have burned stuff to a data DVD and deleted it from the hard drive, I would like to make the stuff on the DVD available for upload to other people. Of course, whatever is on the DVD is read-only, but that should be ok, because I wouln't be downloading it any more, I would just be making it available for upload to other people.

Can I do this with utorrent? I went to 'Options' > 'Preferences' > 'Folder Options' in utorrent but I can't figure out what to set.


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yea.. i cant see why not. just open up that .torrent file and when it asks for where to download the files (of course it wont download any more) just select the DVD or CD drive. and then it will load up the files and start to seed.

but keep in mind that dvd is going to be spinnin for the whole time.

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Possibly one partial solution to the extra wear-and-tear µTorrent would put on a CD/DVD drive is to have a very large read queue/buffer for µTorrent -- like 100+ MB. If pieces are read into the buffer and not flushed unless the buffer was full...then only flushed oldest-first...the disk seeks needed would be reduced considerably.

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This is an old post and I dunno if anyone will read it. Thankfully it answered my Q.

It makes easy sense. You stop the torrent and then restart it and tell it to save to the

CD where the files already exist. I think I've done this long ago but forgot.

Today I had another idea and wonder how it fits in although I think the idea above is better and simpler. Here's the 2nd idea.

What about changing the Download Tab so that 'Move completed files to D: (the CD)'

is checked ? For what it's worth I always save all my DL to C:\ to make life easier. Thus when I manually save to CD I just move it from C:\ to D:\.

Does anyone see a problem with this technique?

I still recommend the first one but want to learn a bit about what I'm doing with option

2. Thank you.



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It would fail. uT does neither burn CD/DVD media nor am I aware it can use packet-writing to write to same optical media. Setting it up to automatically make uT look for it there would error out the torrents instead of going along until the user decided to change the location manually after putting it onto removable media and using the above methods to do so.

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