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innactive peer issue


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My problem is that a very low % of my connected peers are innactive. My settings are one active torrent, with 34 max connections. Out of these 34 only 6-8 are active. Because of this my download speeds are SUPER slow (my UL speeds are fine, always at my max of 20).

My internet is 128kbs and i've played with my max connections / upload rate for a while now and this is the best so far, but i still don't get speeds over 40kbs due to the low peer activity.

I've also tried lowering the time for peer.disconect but that had little results.

Another wierd thing is that when i open up firefox i get temporary increases in speed (usually up to mid 80'skb). What can explain this and how can i get it to stay at that speed?

tldr: i connect to 6/34 peers on average and have very slow download speeds due to this. Upload speeds are fine. What can i do to either connect to better peers, or get rid of the innactive ones? Also on this particular download there are 171 seeders and 254 peers (most peers are at 60% and above completion).

Thanks for any help

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