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Windows 7/uTorrent Issue


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Hi Guys

I have an issue, when downloading any torrents, i notice that my normal internet connection drops massively. Regardless of the speed of my downloads.

I currently have a 10MB pipe, with 4MB Upload. When downloading my torrents, i see that i am downloading at about 100kb/s. During this time, my internet connection is minimal, if i get a download going in IE8, even from Microsofts website, it is normally no higher than 30-40kb/s. If i stop utorrent, the speed shoots to 1.1-1.5 Mb/s. Is this a problem that lies with the number of seeds/peers connected to Windows 7/uTorrent or is there a setting a need to change.

I would also like to increase my download speeds, as 100kb/s seems to be my maximum from uTorrent, even when testing the ubuntu iso torrent download.


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