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Torrent individual file location question


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So, I have been wondering for awhile about something that is rather important to me.

I have had an issue where, be it uTorrent crashing or having to move files due to a recent 1.5TB drive going the way of the dodo.

To give a 'short' synopsis I have a set of torrents, single ones, seasons ones, etc, extremely organized and sorted and named to my own naming structure. This of course means that the files are not named as they originally were when downloaded. This would not be a big issue, except for the fact we are talking about maybe 6-10k files, 350 or so torrents.

What happens after uTorrent crashes or I move the files, but for some reason uTorrent loss the file reassignment information.

What I want to find out is what is the easiest way to restore the file location and naming as I have them on my hard drive? I tried out the editor tool and that helped with some of the locations for the files, but not the actual file names, in the files.

Does this have to be manually edited within the torrent files themselves? Also, how is it remembered until a crash or moving the files. It would seem that if I move the files then I should only have to change the drive for the files and the names should stay the same or am I missing something?

Thanks, in advance, for your assistance!

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Yeah, after a 5+ hour SeaTools DOS scan/fix I still get errors, in Windows. The strange thing is that I get a message from the support page that my drive is OEM and to contact the place I bought it from. It was purchased full retail at Best Buy, when they had a great deal on the drives last January.

I will probably send an email to them this weekend and get it taken care of.

Is there an easy way to update the dat file via the Editor?

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