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problem with download


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Hi, I have many problem I would need help for, but I guess they are all related to each other. Since I upgraded to the 1.8.5 version of U torrent :

- my downloading speed dropped to an average of 5kb/s

- the icon at the bottom of UTorrent keeps changing alone from green to red, without any actions from my side.

- When I test it, the port always appears to be «not open».

- sometimes when I click on a link in my browser, my computer sees it as a file, asking me if I want to open it or save it... I have to cancel that and click on the link again so the page would open. (I don't know if that is related to UTorrent, it happened again when I tried to submit this post)

- my general web surfing is much more slow than before

I search everywhere on the forum and user manual to fix everything. I removed and added again UTorrent from the firewall exception (Windows). I tried to follow PortForward.com instructions, so I set up an static IP but when I specified which port should be forwarded in the router interface, it answer that the name of the port was incorrect, which ever number I tried. I couldn't find a solution for that.

I use Windows XP service pack3, my router is a T-Com Speedport W 500V. When I runned the upload speed test, I got various result from 7kb/s to 80. Once the test said «Warning: ISP upload compression was detected. Your upload speeds may be inaccurate.» but that was after the highest result. I set Utorrent on xx/64k.

Does anyone have an idea of what I should do?

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