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Do I need to do anything other than forward a port for uTorrent to wor


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Do I need to do anything other than forward a port for uTorrent to work correctly?

I had an Airlink 101 router for the last 6 years or so... when ports werent forwarded properly uTorrent would display a yellow icon in the bottom center.. then when id forward the ports it would be fine downloads and uploads would use 100% of my bandwidth...

I got a new router Netgear WNDR3700

Obviously when I first installed it the ports werent forwarded and the icon was yellow.. once I forwarded the ports the icon turned green as expected... my download speeds reach the cap (12 megabit)... however.. it seems like the uploads arent really working.. they are either super super slow or are like 1 to 5kb/sec... icon is green... ports are forwarded...

Is there something else I need to do for this specific router?

EDIT - i looked over the port forwarding instructions for this router here http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Netgear/WNDR3700/Utorrent.htm

it says to uncheck "Enable UPnP" it was enabled before.. i disabled it now... nothing changed though... what does that setting do?

there is also another seeting there "Enable NAT-PMP" and its not in the guide.. must have been added to uTorrent after the guide was written.. what does that setting do and should I have it checked or unchecked?

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