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daisy chained router


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Been using utorrent for quite a few years now. have port forwarding down, and all, except recently I am staying at my family's house for a while, and didn't want to tamper with their router, actually I tried to, but it is a netgear (sorry it's hard to get at don't know exact model) and it wouldn't forward a port for me, I went to the port forwarding section, and would add utor with the port I want, and apply, and nothing would happen, strangely when I went to try again it would say that utor is already in use. above this section is a list of what seems to just be installed programs, although I'm not sure how it would acquire that, perhaps they added them all in, but they seemed like apps that don't need port forwarding, utor was not listed. So I decided to add my router Linksys wrt54gl in the mix thinking I could forward from that, but doesn't work right, port checker says not open.

Has anyone setup something like this? Is there something I need to do with Netgear router first?

I'm getting a green check at bottom of utorrent, but speeds are generally slow, with occasional spike, nowhere near what i was getting back home via comcast and 8mbps d/l, 2 up.

Speedtest.net says I'm getting 17mbps d/l speed here, and 1 up, but I'm pretty much crawling.

I use Half Open Limit Fix, set to 100, and tcp optimize, and set net max half open in utor to 50, aside from that just using speed guide for 1mbps upload speed, not tweaking that as of yet as I don't think it will affect much with port not being forwarded.

I also have included port I am using in windows firewall (as well as utorrent, automatically added)

Thanks for any help,


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How fast can upload sustained?

Some ISPs offer burst speeds, but cannot sustain those speeds for more than a minute or so...

Start with my 1 megabit/sec upload speed settings and tweak uTorrent's upload speed close to the limit -- then reducing it a bit so download doesn't get swamped usually works.

If you have to reduce upload speed a lot, use lower upload settings from my chart.

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