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seed/peer problems


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on friday uTorrent was connecting fine with high speeds (150-300kbps) and connecting to lots of seeds and peers. Yesterday, it dropped to 0.2kbps and connecting to 4(291)seeds and 1(132) peers. Before yesterday they were 130(1321)seeds and similar for peers. No settings were changed between friday and saturday.

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I have a similar problem and I just can't get to the bottom of it. I currently have 25 downloads queued up (with 30 concurrent down/uploads as my limit).

Right now I have a grand total of 1 connected peer - out of well over 2 thousand available (i.e. most torrents look like this: 0(931) 0(324) for seeds and leechers).

Suddenly I'll get, for example, 17 leecher (no seeder) peers connected for one torrent, that is way down the priority list and nothing above.

Setup details:

Vista SP2

ISP is Virgin media, 20Megs

I leave the client running pretty much 24/7 and have a consistent upload of 35.5Kb/s (throttled - total available Up is 50Kb/s).

If you could give me a pointer or two I'd be very grateful!

Muchos grassyarse.

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im on talktalk, normal download connection speed is 6500 Kbps and up until friday my torrents were getting around 200 kBps, even at peak time. The torrent im connected to at the minute hass an average dl speed of 12.2 kBps with a seed swarm of 7445 and im connected to 52 of them.

really annoying me now :(

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