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Error in torrent download after deleting one of the files


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I'm downloading multiple files (video) in a single torrent (using bittorrent).

I deleted *one* of the video files (via the explorer) after it was fully downloaded, viewed and no longer needed.

It seems that as a result, something went wrong with the whole torrent:

1. the download stopped entirely, and it said: "error: [something about finding or opening a file]"

2. in the 'files' tab, all the bars were red

3. there were no pieces in the pieces tab...

I got scared, and clicked on 'Force Recheck', then on 'Force download'. now it's downloading again, and the bars are blue again, but very slowly and there are about 3 times less pieces available...

in the logger tab it says: error opening "[and specifies the location and name of the video file i deleted]"

I know this is not a speed problem forum, so i'm asking about the error, what can i do about it, how can i prevent more like it, and specifically should i avoid deleting files from a torrent that's still downloading?


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Next time, change the priority of the file(s) you want to delete before restarting the torrent job.

Stop the torrent job.

Delete the files.

Go to Files tab and change the priority to "Don't Download" for the files you have just deleted.

Force a recheck (edge pieces are discarded).

Start the torrent job (µT should redownload only the discarded edge pieces).

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