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Recent problem with uTorrent


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I live at a privately owned dorm next to a college where we're provided internet within the cost of the room. It's a wired connection that worked well for quite a while. Some time ago, after a couple people tried setting up their own router in their room, something about the connection changed. During the time when they had their router on, the DNS settings of everyone's connection kept messing up. I'm guessing this is because the connection is made for either wired, or wireless and setting up both seems to mess things up. As a consequence of this, web-browsing couldn't be done; however, torrents, chat programs and other such things worked just fine. Later, this problem was solved (I'm guessing the admins changed the settings to the connection or something like that) and browsing has been just fine since, but... P2P programs no longer function.

The torrent seems to connect to the tracker, but does not connect to any seeds/peers. I've been using uTorrent for quite a while now, but I also tried using Vuze... which ended up with the same problem. I tried restarting my computer, un-installing, then re-installing Vuze and due to unrelated matter, even did a factory reset to my computer but the result is always the same. The error message reads: "No incoming connections. Unless the icon turns green, it could indicate a problem with your network configuration". It is worth noting, also, that I tried using the program at another location and it worked perfectly.Other people who live here seem to be having the same problem, but it is possible that this is only affecting the residents of the building in which I live as opposed to the whole dormitory.

Since all torrents end up with the same result, as do multiple programs, and alternate locations seem to yield better results, I'm forced to believe that either the ISP has decided to somehow block all connections from P2P programs, or it's a side-effect of the counter-measures the dorm admins took to the private router thing. I have never experienced anything of this kind and have no idea as to what is going and how, if at all, it can be rectified; if nothing else, I'd at least like some information because I am clueless. Finally, I'll add that much of what I've said above is indeed speculation and may not be completely accurate.

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