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Bandwidth preferences - lots of torrents - slow u/l


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With my cable connection I can currently download close to 1mb/sec, however the fastest uploading I've ever seen was 62kb/s.

I'm not really worried about the speeds at all. A lot of the time I'm not even on my computer and just leave it running. I'm wondering if the settings will effect my uploading speeds at all, because uploading more would be better.

I try to keep a good ratio and currently have about 30 completed torrents seeding. Alot of them don't get any activity, but sometimes they do, which is why I want to leave them all active.

I have max active torrents set to 50.

Max global connections set to 400.

Connected peers per torrent: 30

Upload slots per torrent: 4

Does any of these even really matter? Will changing it affect anything if I'm not even using my computer?


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