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Bizarre upload and download speed issues


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Hi all,

Since reinstalling my server/torrent box with Win Server 2008 R2 Standard (x64) I've been having some bizarre speed issues with uTorrent, namely:

- The upload speed seems to go beyond the limits of my connection - I have a 50mbit/1.5mbit cable connection with a theoretical maximum upload of about 190kbytes/sec and at full whack I can see uTorrent reporting up speeds of 230-250kb, which isn't quite right. This DIDN'T happen with my old server (running server 2003 x86)

- When I limit the upload speed (by right-clicking on the upload speed in order to get the list of speed limits) and I select one, the upload speed will be limited, but to about 10-20kb/sec faster than the selected limit. Again, this DIDN'T happen with my old server

- When I download a torrent (busy torrent so lots of seeds) and I have the upload speed unlimited it will happily download at ~6mbytes/sec (connection max) but if I limit the upload to about 20-30k so the browsing speed isn't affected, the torrent won't go nearly as fast - around 6-800kb/sec. Again, this DIDN'T happen with my old server

Is it for some reason taking other traffic into consideration? Although I can't see why it would...

I have an RSS feed but it isn't very 'busy' so shouldn't be much traffic in that respect.

I'm running the latest stable version, 1.8.5, as I was with the old machine

I have around 180 torrents listed and seeding, but pausing/stopping them has no effect on the above issues

I've played with the connection settings till the cows come home, but here they are as they are currently:

Global max connections: 750

Max peers per torrent: 100

Number of upload slots: 8

Max active torrents: 300

Max active downloads: 1

I have the port forwarded through my firewall and I have the green tick!

Anyone able to shed any light? Am I missing something blatant? I've looked through all the FAQ/speed setting threads and arsed around with the settings for hours :D


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Max UL speed at 190 kB/s with 8 slots/torrent and 300 active torrents: 0.08 kB/s per slot & per torrent.

When the minimum is 1 kB/s and the optimal 3-3.5 kB/s...

Your bandwidth and queueing settings are completely bad.

Use this chart: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=58404

You can test with the line:

║ 1.5 mbit/sec ║ 140│ 7║ 60│ 250║ 8│ 7║

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Yes, it matters how fast each torrent goes.

Peers will snub your client + ip if you upload too slowly. (Better 0 than <1 KB/sec!)

Optimal is now 3-10 KB/sec PER upload slot while downloading...preferably higher while seeding, because broadband lines are slowly getting faster.

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