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peer dl. means what?


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Looked in the FAQ and looked around in the forums but can't find this Question answered.

What does a value in this column actualy mean?

"Down speed" and "Up Speed" is clear i think.

But what is "Peer dl." value indicating when there is a value shown (not always the case)?

Does it indicates the speed this peer is uploading to others or is it indicating the speed he is downloading ?

Thanks for an answer and escuse my bad english! just a stupid German "Kraut" i am ;-)

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Good old thread and good question too IMO. :)

What I can say is that according to my experience I'm very sure that it includes everything e.g. also what you are uploading to the peer, so yes it should be like you say more or less 'peer.dl' = uploaded speed for this single peer set.

If I am not wrong (else please anybody correct me) the 'peer dl' is calculated based on the information your client receives from the connected peer about the completed pieces. So it must be put in relation with some average elapsed time between the last completion and because the size of the pieces is known it allows a speed calculation.

By the way it's not always working besides the fact that it takes some time to be displayed. The delay might be due to the missing or simply to slow incoming information about completed pieces but I also think that some clients (brands) do not offer a full compatibility for this feature.

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