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uTorrent Extra Downloading?


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I downloaded one movie today from a torrent of 10... I picked the film out and what not, but when I open the folder there is the film I wanted PLUS 3 other avi files (~700 MB each)

Now my uTorrent says that I downloaded ~699MB. But the destination folder is 2.7GB in size in my HD. Now to add insult to injury, the files CANNOT be played EXCEPT for the one I intended to download ( so it's not a fake).

I got G-Spot to inspect the.avi's and it said


"Mime type :unknown"


So a few questions...

How did uTorrent download these when I asked it not to? And how did it only say 700MB were downloaded when 2GB obviously were?

Why are the files not readable? And why do they come up in the first place?


Thanks guys.....................

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