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2.0: torrents sometimes end up in profile directory


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This is something I never saw until about 2.0 RC4, and it's still present in RC5 (final). Twice now, I've found the downloaded content (a file) where the .torrent files are stored, in my profile. Of course, I never chose to download anything there, and it's not possible to do accidentally, either, because it's about 6 subdirectories deep and in a completely different location (even drive) than where I download files. It would take an extra effort to navigate there, and I never have. Plus, uTorrent always remembers your last chosen download location, and mine's been the same for years.

I download numerous files every day, but this has happened only twice over the course of at least 100 separate downloads.

I use "Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent," and it always points to my usual download location.

I have "Store .torrents in" set to the above-mentioned profile location, which is filled with .torrent files as expected, but that's all that should be going there apart from settings files (I notice utorrent-200-17774.chm is there too for some reason). That's the only item I have set in "Directories."

I'm puzzled.

Win7 x86

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