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Downloads/uploads randomly stop


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I am having very strange issue. Usually everything works fine, but sometimes torrents just stop. They are still connected to peers but don't download or upload anything. Probably the cause is local traffic.

See first screen:


Everything was fine for about 20 hours, but local upload started and all other uploads and downloads stopped. Selected torrent has 28 seeds, but speed is zero.

Second screen:


Restarted torrent, it has 20 seeds but speed is still zero.

Third screen:


Restarted utorrent. Torrent finished almost instantly, other torrents work fine too.

Fourth screen:


Some time passed, all torrents, including local, work fine.

I have met this issue in 2.0 rc3, rc4, rc5 and release. 1.8.x and 2.0 RC2 didn't have this issue.

OS is Win7x64. To connect to Internet I am using VPN through LAN.

Sorry, English isn't my native language. If you need more information, ask and I'll try to explain.

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Here we go again. New screenshot:


Local traffic and then downloads/uploads stop. But this time I've found a way to restore torrents without restating utorrent. I have upload limit so I reseted it and it worked!

So it seems local traffic+limits sometimes lead to freeze of active torrents.

'Transfer cap' and 'limit local bandwidth' are disabled.

I've made memory dump of utorrent in 'frozen' state. Do developers need it?

PS Maybe this topic should be moved to 'bugs' section?

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