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Exclusive Seeding mode


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On some torrent trackers you have a ratio bonus if you're the only seeder on a torrent, so if you are, you are interesting in giving this torrent as much of bandwidth as possible. Now the only possibility to do this is to force start this torrent and to set Maximum number of active torrents (upload or download) to 0. But it is definitely unacceptable.

So here is my suggestions:

1. New feature: upload queue - just like existing download queue (now it is impossible to specify what torrents with Seeding or Queued Seed status should be really active for upload, right?).

2. New option Force out seeding - if checked, torrent that is on top of queue allocates as much of bandwidth as its leechers can take. Torrent that is next in queue behaves in the same way within the limits of the rest of bandwidth, and so on.

If suggestions above are impossible to be implemented then maybe next one is: new option Maximum number of active uploads instead of Maximum number of active torrents (upload or download)

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