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uTorrent working, but there's no any traces where it is located


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Ok, this is the situation.

I installed uTorrent today. I downloaded the file and run it. Everything was fine, I could find uTorrent from the "Add or Remove applications" list and so.

Well later today my computer crashed and I had to restore the system. I restored it to a date when I didn't have uTorrent on my computer. So I decided to download it from utorrent.com. I run the utorrent.exe and it didn't install, but it did open the application like I would have opened it from shortcut.

Now it doesn't exist in the "Add or remove applications"- list and with search I can't even find any other files with keyword "torrent". There were some little files in windows- folder, but removing them didn't do a thing. There's no uTorrent- folder in AppData- folder or anywhere else. The funniest thing: the application is working properly.

So I'm just wondering is this normal or should I try to seek for the problem or ask for someone who knows more about these machines? I'm not supergood with computers. Is there any harm that this could do to my computer, windows or files? Any internet security risks?

Thank you. I apologize my bad english. I hope someone could help me with this thing.

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