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Seems like uTorrent rendered my external USB hard drive inaccesible.


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After completing a ".rar" archive download, Winrar gave an "unexpected end of archive" error.

So I decided to redownload it. As there is no way to do this in the program (and avoiding seeding a corrupted file) I opened the folder where the downloaded achive was an simply deleted it.

Upon reopening uTorrent, a message like "missing files... " appeared. Than I right clicked the torrent and chose "Force start".. My external drive started buzzing... I thought that it worked.. and uTorrent was allocating space for the download...

Then when I opened "Windows Explorer" my external drive's letter was there but WinXP asked me if I would like to format my drive! as it seemed like an unformatted drive.


What did I do? Is there a way to recover all the data in my external drive?


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You might be able to do a recovery, but it does sound like your hard drive either died or the partition table corrupted itself. It doesn't really have anything to do with uTorrent, it's just a coincidence.

See if you can use an app like Testdisk to do a virtual partition recovery. If the drive is totally inaccessible, take it out of the enclosure and put it into your PC, then try again. Failing that, you're screwed.

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Testdisk worked. Thank you very much.

It turned out that this was a FAT error. Testdisk fixed it by copying the backup.

I saved everything important to an internal harddrive.

But, I have no longer confidence with this Maxtor One Touch drive... It keeps corrupting itself. During the copying hassle I had moved a directory into another and the directory became inaccessible. Luckly it wasn't important...

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