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asus wl-500w limits upload


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I tried to find the answer both on google and using the search function here , but no luck so far.

I have an asus wl-500W for a couple of weeks (got it as a gift from somebody who bought a new router). The problems is that whenever I use uTorrent I can't get a better upload speed than 1mb/s. If I connect the Ethernet cable directly to my PC I get 6-7 mb/s. I have a good connection and on FTP or other protocols I don't encounter the same 1mb/s limit.

I tried at first all the guidelines for connection speeds on the forum..but no change.

I asked my ISP and they do not throttle torrent traffic.

Any ideas ? Does this router have a problem about utorrent ?

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Does the router have low ram memory? (Thus can't handle lots of connections at once, even in timed out state.)

Is the router being used via wireless connection? (Wireless is basically automatically slower than a 100 mbit/sec Ethernet cable.)

Did you try 1st link in my signature, slow speed section?

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The router specifications are : http://asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=nrsjewu78wdDXMOA&templete=2

On the DD-WRT developers forum I found that it has 32MB of RAM.

I use the router by cable connection 10/100.

I already looked at the guides here on the forum...but I think everything is ok.

Anyway I do have another problem...when I open utorrent and until it refreshes the DHT nodes I can't use web browsers as they time out.

I use ESET 4 Smart Sec. and I found that I have to exclude it as a web browser from the setup. Did that but I still get a LOT of connection when using NETSTAT -b command . So many in fact..that I have to scroll them and can't even count them (they get out of screen..and the command prompt doesn't let me scroll up).

Because of this...I will put here my settings because I fell I might not have understood the best practices for utorrent. If somebody here could read them and give me some advice it will be appreciated.

1 thing..I use the DMZ for this PC (so it is exposed to the net..this way there is no need for port forwarding)


Upload and download rate = 0 (unlimited)

Global connections max =100

Max number of peers per torrent =10

Upload slot per torrent =3

Basic Bittorent Feattures = all checked minus limit local peer

Protocol encryption disabled , checked the legacy allow incoming

Que settings : max torrents up/down = 80

max downloads =10

Hope I get some help because I'm a little over my head and I like sharing and seeding...and from a 6/7mb upload speed to only 1mb when using the router is not very nice.

UPDATE: I tried to use a DC++ client as well to see if the upload is limited as well. Using StrongDC latest stable I managed to upload with 3,4 mb/s so the limitation is only to utorrent uploading. When using DC I don't have as much connections in NETSTAT like I do with utorrent.

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