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Split Transfer Cap


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Firstly i'd like to thank all the people that have developed uTorrent into the great client that it is today. The Transfer cap is definately something i will use into the future.

May i suggest a slight change to it though, A lot of internet plans in Australia have "Peak" and "Offpeak" times.

For example

Optus - http://personal.optus.com.au/web/ocaportal.portal?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=Template_woRHS&FP=/personal/internet/nakedbroadband&site=personal

iiNet - http://www.iinet.net.au/broadband/plans.html

The peak hours are usually between roughly 8am and midnight and the offpeak hours are usually between roughly midnight and 8am (depending on provider)

You are given a cap amount for "on-peak" and "off peak" (ie: you can download 20Gb during off peak hours and 10gb during peak hours)

Is it able to be programmed into Utorrent so i can set:

1) the on peak and off peak start and finish hours

2) the download limit available to utorrent during each set of hours.

3) Set the "Reset History" for download limit to reset at a certain time on a certain day of the month (ie, the download limit history resets at midnight on the 20th day of each month)

Thanks for your efforts :)

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Having just got V2.0, the first thing I noticed was that you couldn't set the transfer cap by time period, so I thought I'd go and log a feature request. Lo and behold...

Peak/off-peak caps are not uncommon in other countries too. I recently switched my plan to save money, and now I have (really, truly) unlimited off-peak but a very tight cap on peak usage, where "peak" is defined as 8am-6pm Monday-Friday. Being able to set the transfer cap separately for peak and off-peak, and being able to define the peak time (if any) for each day of the week would be extremely helpful.

I'd also like to echo OP's request to be able to define when the caps reset themselves more flexibly, as this will vary according to the date the plan was started. It would ideally need to be either every n days or on the nth day of each month.

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I suggest you go buy bandwidth meter, as it will include overhead protocol traffic (which utorrent doesnt accurately log as far as I can tell, i think the calculate overhead includes bittorrent overhead but not tcpip?) numbers in utorrent including overhead are smaller than bandwidthmeters report by roughly 5% or so, which could make a big difference if you're talking 250 GB or so. bandwidth meter 5.0 will also let you limit your computers up and down speed, etc, and im pretty sure you can set it up to filter based on time period. I use it to track my uploads at school and at home seperately by filtering packets with my school ip range to one log and my home ip to another. Really usefull program, worth buying. A split cap in utorrent would be nice though, even if it wouldnt work for me since im unlimited at school and would only want the cap for a desktop computer at home.

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