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µTorrent Slowing Down PC


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I've had µTorrent for many years and have never had this issue. It seems that when I'm downloading a torrent at high speed my PC becomes slow and lags. In the past I could expect this from web browsing because of course I was using all my bandwidth to download. However now it's affecting my whole system, my mouse is 3-4 second behind when I move it and is jumpy. When I go to open programs they hang almost to the point of crashing. When I switch windows it takes a long time to jump between them. I check my CPU usage and it fluctuates from 50%-85%. To the best of my knowledge I haven't changed anything, it just started happening within the past week.

I'm running Win7 Ultimate, Kaspersky AV, 2.99GHz processor, 3GB mem, with a mid range ATI video card, and I just upgraded µTorrent to 2.0 ten minutes ago because I thought it would fix it, however it has not. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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